More Camera Porn

I wanted to talk about cameras for a second or two.  I just recently sold the last of a large batch of cameras on ebay.  It was painful mostly because I hate selling things as I am no salesman.  That is a whole other story.. what I am discussing here now is gear.  When I switched back to film, I set out on this crusade of sorts.  At first it was to get all these cameras I always wanted as a kid. The Super A, Me Super, Hasselblad etc… As you can imagine, I ended up with quite a stash and at first it was glorious.  I felt that each camera might bring me closer to zen and magic sparkles of photographic genius.  All that really happened was a lot of gear that needed maintenance, and for the most part stumped me when I wanted to travel or shoot anything.. which one to bring was always the question.   About a month ago, I decided it was time for some serious downsizing.  This revelation happened when I was going through all my photos from the previous two years.  I was culling them for keepers when I realized that the good shots did not come from any specific camera or lens combination.  More important than that the good shots were not consistently on one specific camera but it had more to do with my state of mind, vision and if I had good light and a good angle that day.  The rest was pretty much crap… to be honest some of my better shots were on basic non – professional models.  Armed with this revelation, I decided to soul search and make the hard choice.  At first slowly picking then it became a frenzy fest and all in all off-loaded 8 cameras, the last of which I mailed off today. Cameras are tools and just like tools there is no one tool that will do every job.  I now have one tool for each type of job I may encounter and I have to say, after leaving myself  with a basic more manageable lineup, I feel a lot better.   But there will be a short period I think where I will miss those cameras I always lusted after when I was a boy.  But I know in the end it will be ok.  Now I can get busy shooting and not get distracted by that sexy camera porn..



My Leica Has Preferences

Unlike it’s digital cousins, my M6 has no preferences, menus, options or modes.  But I would add that maybe it does prefer to be used and I try to comply as much as I can :)

M6 – 50mm frameline and COFFEE with a dash of lover

John Masters

John Masters

Kodak Gold!

Apparently they still make this stuff.  From what I read it is not as easy to get in the United States, but I found some pretty easily on Amazon.  Taking some test shots I have gone through a couple of rolls, and so far it seems like I used to remember it. Not bad but just not as good as the Portra of course.  I mean, I didn’t think it would, but I just felt it was necessary to mention it for some reason.  Anyway, the tolerance levels seem pretty wide, and that makes sense as it is a consumer based film.  You can throw it off quite a bit and you get a usable print.  I am looking forward to using this stuff for some retro prints.

John Masters

John MastersJohn Masters

It’s Coming Back

I thought that this shi* was over!! But seriously, I know it is only March, I was just wishful thinking.  Ok I am braced and ready…

John Masters

Kodak Gold 200, Pentax Super AKodak Portra 160, Pentax Super AJohn Masters