Looking Ahead

It has been a busy year and now that I am just a day over a year older, I have had a few minutes to look back.  This year has not been as prolific as I had hoped for my photography.  I have been busy with life which sometimes has a way of dictating how much time you have to pursue the things you love.  I have not had the opportunity to pick up the camera as much as I had liked this year, but I plan on changing that soon.  I have some strategies to make more time, and projects to pursue that will hopefully enable me to prosper and grow as a photographer – Looking ahead – John Masters  http://www.johnmasters.net/

John Masters

London Calling

This time of year, I get the wanderlust for places abroad.  Ever since I was a young man there has been something comforting about being in a warm jacket somewhere in a city in Europe, walking about with no destination or itinerary.  A lot of people have experienced this phenomenon in their lives. But for those who have not, I have something to show you.  This is how it looks from my perspective when I am doing that thing I love to do on those cold nights in cities that are not my own. – John Masters


John Masters
Kodak Tri-X, Leica M6