Rail Detail

The past two years I have been riding the train home quite a bit.  Train depot decorations in smaller towns are very sparse.  While there is not much to look at (or photograph), there are a couple of star models I would like to introduce you too.  These two always look great :) – John Masters

John Masters

John Masters

Gift Me Some Summer

Summertime brings many good things besides warm weather, life and long days filled with great memories.  It reminds us that life will always get better when it is not that great, and that people, no matter how flawed are beautiful.  Lastly that if you look hard enough, you will find beauty in all things.  Some experiments with slide film and Ektar…

John Masters


John MastersJohn MastersJohn MastersJohn MastersJohn Masters

Found Objects

This is actually an old one I found, taken in the early 90s on some long forgotten piece of concrete somewhere in my past.  I do know I shot Kodak back then and I do know it was probably in Florida :)  – John Masters  http://www.johnmasters.net/

John Masters Photographer