What Makes A Good Photograph

This is a question that I am still in the process of answering for myself all these years later.  I guess it is more of a journey than a question you can answer outright.  I also believe it may change as you grow and learn.  When I was in my 20’s I would say a good photo was one that was clear and in focus and hopefully have good lighting.  Now I am not so sure… I gravitate towards movement and emotion these days.  In the end a good photograph is in the eye of the beholder and what they see.  In that end I can only convey what I see and the way I see it. – John Masters  http://www.johnmasters.net/

John MastersJohn Masters



  1. i loooove blur, and often intentionally blur my photos… on the other hand, i don’t like flash photography… but that picture of the little girl being swung is so sweet, tho i would have cropped the sides out and orientated it the other way 🙂


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