Kodak Portra 400 Flash Experiments

I have been practicing a lot with flash photography these days.  I am weak in this subject and I have always been against using flash before.  But I decided maybe it was ok under the right conditions.  My only criteria is that it look cool.  It does not even have to “not look like flash was used” because I know that even when it doesn’t look like flash was used, that it mostly even more so looks like flash was used.  I decided to take a different approach for my own personal use and taste.  If I was going to use flash I want it to look fu**ing cool!!!!  So for this test roll I was going to use Portra 400, which is very versatile. Almost as versatile as its step cousin Kodak Tri-X.  Well ok not really but as far as color film goes this stuff is pretty amazing and well worth the cost.  My knowledge source of all things film Jonathan told someone in our group once to shoot Portra 400 rated at 160 with flash and shoot it all day long.   So… I tried it and it worked, it worked very well.  This example is in fact from a 135 roll which works for me.  I shot this with a flash using manual setting (guide numbers) and it was pretty, but the medium format works like freaking awesome.  I think it can be replicated and therefore I consider the test a success….

John Masters


John Masters


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