John Masters




  1. I’m jealous…look at all that beautiful film! BTW…how do you like your Color-Skopar 35/2.5? I have looked at them, I love the size. Any impressions to share?


    1. Hi Trevor, So yes the Color-Skopar was suggested to me by Wouter and for the quality you cannot beat the price. I think the other choices are far more expensive if I remember. But my impressions are very favorable. Its a really good piece of glass. The photographs come out tac sharp and its is very well built. The focus and aperture rings are smooth and well placed and as you said the size is fantastic. It is the only 35mm lens I have so I was not used to the 2.5 part. I say that is the only thing that took getting used to as I shoot a lot of low light with no flash and it is kind of a hindrance to me but I think not uncommon in a 35mm lens. To remedy that I had to get a 50mm 1.5 but the 35mm Color-Skopar is an excellent lens and I recommend! 😉


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